The automated recruiting and compliance platform for your international workforce
At Issa Compass, we dream of global communities built by local businesses and their international employees. Imagine the world's most determined people, working and thriving together. That's why we will always invest our resources into technologies to free and empower. We are here to help you hire faster and smarter so you can focus on expanding your dreams.
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Empowering local businesses and their international employees
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Issa Compass was founded by a team of social entrepreneurs, restaurateurs, and immigrants who intimately understand the frustrations of our outdated immigration system. In the past decade, our co-founder Saks Rouypirom led Thailand's largest brands to support refugee initiatives. This photograph captures the inaugural refugee dinner at Na Projects for the Standard Hotel. The Issa team applies our technological expertise and relentless drive to shape a new society where everyone can find home.
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A team committed to serving you
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