Visas applied and approved with ease — powered by automated software
What if immigration could be simple, seamless, and worry-free? Introducing Issa Compass — a software platform that fully streamlines visa applications so you can stop waiting and start living.
Secure any visa for living and working in Thailand
Whether you need a non-B visa, long-term residence visa (LTR), SMART visa, Elite visa, volunteer visa, or the upcoming Destination Thailand Visa (DTV) for digital nomads and remote workers, we handle it all.
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Unmatched accuracy through software
Are you tired of waiting, waiting, and waiting for your visa? Our automated software platform ensures your application is processed swiftly and accurately. Say goodbye to human errors and delays.
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Immigration experts trusted by global leaders
Don't know what you need? Have a complimentary consultation with our immigration lawyers. Built from decades of experience, Issa Compass is a venture-backed legaltech company supported by executives from global brands including Stripe, Carousell, and more.
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"Issa has created something truly special. They are our go-to resource for visas for our diverse, international team."
Alice Napartivaumnuay
Obama Foundation Fellow and CEO for Socialgiver, one of Thailand's leading social enterprises
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Imagine never worrying about immigration again