Why Issa? Because it means freedom — what we are building for everyone.
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Our north star
Finding where you belong
Do you remember your childhood dreams? Racing cars, dancing on stage, designing spaceships? A life filled with global adventure and friendships? But when did you forget those dreams? When did the world start to feel so small? Now imagine a different world. Less fear. More understanding. A place with the freedom to live, learn, and contribute anywhere. Imagine if the whole world could feel like home. This is the future we work for at Issa. Come build it with us.
Roots: Co-founder Aaron Yip
Once a Hong Kong street orphan, my father moved to the United States to work at a carpet mill in rural Georgia. My mother worked next to him. I worked on Google's App of the Year, guest lectured at Stanford University, and traveled to 30 countries by the age of 25.
I owe my entire life to the lifetimes of dedication before mine — to the perseverance and strength of immigrants. Now I work for a future where abundance is universally accessible. I serve the dreamers. I serve those brave enough to forge new possibilities for themselves and their families.
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