Hire and retain your international workforce — with automated 100% compliance
Meet the faster and smarter way to find the world’s most dedicated professionals.
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Issa Smart Database

Streamline Your Data Management
Embrace efficiency with a database designed to simplify complex tasks and deliver flawless results. Use custom views to filter team members with upcoming deadlines, and advanced algorithms run tirelessly in the background to secure data consistency and reliability.
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Issa Instant Paperwork

Prepare All Forms in Seconds
Save weeks on tedious manual form creation. Tailor paperwork automatically to each teammate based on their validated data, processed with speed and accuracy. From visas to employer transfer to termination filing, Issa covers all necessary documents. Reduce your nonstop admin tasks and focus on what matters most in your business.
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Issa Automated Compliance

Say Goodbye to Compliance Anxiety
Never worry about regulatory compliance for your international team again. With timely notifications and comprehensive checklists, have an effortless workflow. Take the guesswork out of complex regulations, providing your team with clear guidance and reminders for deadlines.
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"Every single hotel across Phuket is desperate for staff. We found a perfect partnership with Issa."
Masha Siriwangsanti
Resort Manager at World Luxury Hotel winner Ayara Kamala Resort
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Be faster and smarter with your international workforce